The Oenklen Transforms Water into the Effective Mouthwash

Although Ozone-enriched mouthwashes are still considered cutting edge technology, most dentists will agree that traditional mouthwash like Chlorhexidine is pretty bad for your teeth when used regularly. Your mouth needs good bacteria for maintaining hygiene, and your powerful minty mouthwash can often damage the good bacterial culture, making your teeth and gums more vulnerable over time. The solution? Water! Well, not regular water… but rather, Ozone-enriched water, which has a 99% effectiveness rating against bad bacteria that causes plaque buildup.

While Ozone-enriched water was previously available only commercially and in highly specialized medical setups, OENKLEN brings that technology to your bathroom countertop. Barely the size of a coffee machine, OENKLEN turns regular tap water into ozone-rich water in mere seconds. You can use this water as a mouthwash, to rinse your toothbrush, sanitize your braces/retainers overnight, and build an entire daily oral-care routine with OENLKEN. The Ozone-rich water is capable of sterilizing without any harmful chemicals and solvents, and significantly reduces dental plaque, preventing cavities, sensitivity, and bleeding gums over the long term. It doesn’t have that overpowering minty taste either, which often leaves your mouth feeling ‘burnt’ instead of ‘fresh’.

The dentistry industry has been touting the efficacy of ozonated water over most mouth disinfectants for the past few years. Leading medical journals (and even Colgate’s own website) have listed ‘ozone dentistry’ as the new cutting-edge frontier for dental sciences, mentioning its wide use in Europe and South America, dating back to the 1930s, when Dr. E.A. Fisch began using ozone in dentistry due to its strong antibacterial and wound healing properties. OENKLEN’s countertop device hopes to harness the power of that technology by creating an ozone mouthwash that’s safe, non-toxic, and highly effective… and it does so by simply using tap water.

The way OENKLEN works is just about as simple as it gets. Pour regular water in, the machine does its work by using patented technology to electrolyze the water and break down the oxygen molecules into nascent atoms that bind to the remaining O2 molecules to form O3 or ozone. The entire process takes just 5 seconds, and the resulting ozone-rich water is 100% natural and organic, elder/children friendly, non-alcoholic (unlike most mouthwashes), and has anti-cavity, anti-bacterial, and anti-halitosis (bad breath) properties. The OENKLEN device offers 4 modes to choose from – a daily mode, deep mode, irrigator mode, and a ‘more’ mode. An app lets you further customize your ozonated water by choosing the O3’s intensity, to help fight more nagging problems like cavities, halitosis, or smoke stains.

OENKLEN hopes to make ozonated water technology accessible by simplifying and condensing the technology to be compact enough to fit on a countertop. The coffee-machine-sized device uses patented technology to produce ozone water (which has been FDA food-safety approved since 1997) in just 5 seconds. The ozonated water has much broader disinfecting applications, and can even be used to sanitize surfaces, disinfect children’s toys, pet supplies, food, and a myriad of other items. Moreover, as a mouthwash replacement, OENKLEN’s ozonated water also hopes to offset the billions of single-use plastic bottles of mouthwash that end up getting thrown in the trash every year.

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