TechnologyNissan is BACK Best nissan kicks -2022

Nissan is BACK Best nissan kicks -2022


Nissan kicks

what’s happening here that’s eugene levy with a great looking hairstyle going on there is this actually real is this happening thrill driver i look at the front of this box here and i see what looks like the new nissan z the comeback story now this entire vague and mysterious package

is courtesy of nissan eugene levy as dragon catch more thrills at dragon the ultimate thrill driver that’s the new nissan c i have one of the original nissan seas back then it was called the datsun look at that manufactured nissan motor co limited so the name of the

company was already nissan at the time but these were still datsuns in north america we got the classic we got the origin store we got the heritage they sure don’t make them like that anymore that’s from 1974 sent over to us from monaco motors in toronto this was a fun car a

Nissan is BACK nissan kicks Best-2022
Nissan is BACK nissan kicks Best-2022

sporty car you kind of miss some of these shapes in today’s designs this looks like an action figure promoting an upcoming film meet dragon the ultimate thrill driver when he’s in the driver’s seat of his all-new nissan z thrills shift into a whole other gear so buckle up put the

pedal down and accelerate towards an all-out action because this is bigger than changing lanes when dragon’s behind the wheel one drive changes everything eugene levy he’s rolling back the clock here he’s looking quite mysterious and possibly dangerous this is the 2023 nissan z it’s

got a lot of styling cues still at this point from the origin story hence the classic model got a three liter twin turbo v6 six-speed manual transmission 19-inch super light forged alloy wheels 350 pound foot of torque launch control maximizing power from 0 to 60 and the unique three

pod cluster in the dash which has directly been pulled from those older legendary models listen to this how about that low end you do not want to get your fingers stuck in that particular um mechanism right there [Music] the smell of a classic vehicle i’ll tell you what it’s right up there

with fresh morning coffee and glass of cognac smells great in here we got these race inspired seats you get a little bit low into the vehicle this three gauge cluster here apparently also being carried into the modern z that we’re going to see for 2023 so still very inspired and race like

something that caught my attention was this right here this little lamp because your instruments were not backlit at the time you would have this lamp sort of shine down so you could see your fan speed and whether your heat or cool was on below there you have these

really classic looking buttons for choke and rear defogger your hazard lights are down here look at that dedicated mechanical switch for hazards this is a four speed manual transmission the new model is going to be six-speed a little bit of storage here actually i think an ashtray would

have originally been there this entire center console comes off i’m not sure if it’s supposed to or not glove box over here speed range permissible vehicle load capacity 420 pounds two people uh under 100 miles per hour wow of course we got the nice big nice e-brake here listen to that

check out the wheel my goodness it’s so slender it’s the way they used to do it lots of feel right there and no power steering either really been cranking this thing especially at lower speeds we still have very traditional gauges oh yeah why don’t we go ahead and start it up [Music] yeah

so they don’t sound like that anymore hopefully the new generation has uh some sort of note inspired it’s gonna have 400 horsepower twin turbo so that’s gonna be pretty cool these are these are tattoos temporary tattoos of the dragon so that you can uh have your very own

eugene levy starring role type of vibe you’ve opened it up now buckle up this action-packed package contains your very own limited edition action figure from thrill driver starring eugene levy number five out of 25. look at the expression on eugene levy right there did you just

compare will do to eugene levy you know what not bad and it’s definitely nice to have nissan back and the other cool part is that they’re sort of staying true to the more classic sports car manual transmission two-door 400 horsepower the fun sports car so there’s a little tiny coffee

cup little key fob as well here with the z logo and then of course eugene levy himself hand-painted little classic action figure and he’s ready to rock i mean check the outfit is that leather is he wearing leather definitely got the correct bracelet attire for somebody named the dragon

oh he’s got hand tats there is a zqr code nissan presents thrill driver coming soon wow whoa we got them done up actually like the action figure look at that look it still got it look at that wonder if he did his own stunts there’s been so many iconic z vehicles you kind of forget at

times but this is close to where it all started we are in a very unique spot in automotive right now we’re seeing so many new innovations but it’s also cool every so often to get some insight into how it all started where it all came from so there you have it that is the datsun 260z one of

the earliest z vehicles pre-dating the nissan name in north america oh don’t forget look in the description for more information on thrill driver if you want to find out about the upcoming film


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