Bluetooth Speaker Can Uv Wirelessly Power Smartphone

I usually have mixed feelings on products that end up doing more than is required of them, but MyStation makes a pretty compelling event. Designed as a 3-in-1 desktop accessory, MyStation can wirelessly power your smartphone and AirPods and even has a built-in UV sanitizing chamber… all while being a Bluetooth speaker with powerful 360° audio.

Styled like a modern desktop organizer, MyStation handles its multiple roles seamlessly. Fitted with 2 5W speakers that shoot audio sideways in a 360° array, it works wonderfully as a desktop speaker for work, a Bluetooth speaker for music, or even a conferencing speaker. The device’s upper surface works as a 10W wireless powering station with a built-in display that even has clock, alarm, and notification functions. Serving as a Bluetooth audio device, MyStation even lets you accept or reject calls, increase or decrease volume, and play and pause music using controls located on the upper surface.

Lift the MyStation’s lid and it reveals the powering + sanitation station below. The device’s inner compartment is big enough to fit your smartphone, TWS earbuds, a smartwatch, or even other EDC items like your keys, mask, etc. The compartment comes with a specially calibrated UV-C light that can sanitize your devices, obliterating 99.9% of any germs or microorganisms on them. While your gadgets are being sanitized, MyStation can power them too. The base of the compartment comes with 2 additional powering coils (10W and 5W), as well as a USB-A port to plug in a powering cable for your smartwatch. While your devices are sanitizing on the inside, the screen on the top displays a UV sign with a countdown that lets you know when the sanitation cycle is complete. MyStation’s long list of features can all even be controlled by its companion smartphone app called the MyKronoz. The app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices, lets you start/stop sanitizing cycles, check whether your devices are powering, control music playback, and even set alarms.

MyStation is pretty unique in the fact that it’s perhaps the only product in its category. Its hybrid nature combines 3 products (speaker, power, sanitizer) into a single device, making it an all-purpose device that’s perfect for your workspace, kitchen counter, mantelpiece, or even bedside table. Moreover, it builds on the recent success of products like the Oblio – a UV-sanitizer and wireless power that went on to win a Red Dot Design Award, a CES Innovation Award, and was even declared one of Best Innovations by TIME Magazine.

MyStation is the world’s first UV sanitizer combining multi-device wireless power with a smart 360° speaker.

MyStation is capable of powering up to 4 devices at once, 3 wirelessly and 1 via USB. It fits all Qi enabled phones and earbuds.

The 3 embedded wireless coils have been positioned to deliver the best powering experience to all compatible devices.

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