A Playful Way to Start the Day

This playful looking character is the Wake-Up Bear by MUID. It’s both a digital alarm clock and subtle mood light that is wrapped up within the characterful form of a bear!

Located on the bear’s, rather plump, stomach is a digital display that presents the current time and alarm; these are controlled by the six intuitive catchs that are positioned on the underside of the device. The bear is made of a soft silica gel that is squidgy to the touch. When squeezed, a light is emitted through the translucent body, and the surroundings are gently illuminated. The thoughtfully designed process of the device doesn’t end there, a sound control element has been integrated into the device, resulting in the display ‘waking-up’ when the user claps. These features add to the playful character and create a product that children will love!

DCA needs a Junior Industrial Designer with a natural eye for design, a practical side, and passion, as well as drive, to do his/her best to become a key part of the team. The junior designer will work as a part of the design team, taking on project sketches and turning them into clear and eye-catching pieces of product design. He/she will be a team player, a confident communicator proactive in their approach to work, and should be able to use software packages such as Adobe CS, Solidworks, and Keyshot. The successful candidate should be willing to support the senior project team within group ideation sessions and throughout the design process, thus they must be confident in their abilities and show a willingness to learn new skills.

The ideal candidate will have a fantastic breadth of creative thinking, built from a solid period of study at a top higher education establishment. Their portfolio should communicate their process and not just the final design output. As a member of a highly creative team, it is important that the successful candidate is continually pushing the boundaries of ID to ensure that the company stays at the forefront of product development.

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