A Better Solution for Aging Nations

A growing population of elderly individuals is a modern issue designers are just starting to address. As more people grow old and dependent on alternative mobilities like wheelchairs, so does the need to keep individuals connected with their families. That’s the idea behind the “Connected” wheelchair.

The design is rooted in the idea that, just because one is confined to a wheelchair, they shouldn’t be prevented from something as simple as taking a stroll with their grandchildren. It combines the functionality of a car seat and stroller with a wheelchair so users can spend close time with loved ones at home or roaming outside. Not only restricted to use by the elderly, it’s also a solution for anyone with impaired mobility.

“The design could be converted to a stroller as well when the parents take their children out alone. For extending the life and value of the product, “Connect” would be finally used as a wheelchair for the elderly for independent mobility in sustainability,” designers Cheng and NG told Yanko Design.

I officially declare it the era of weird, whacky and un-conventional watches! Why else do think the Invisible Shot Laser Watch is here. Face of it, it’s a normal bracelet lookin thang, but press a discreet catch and a laser light reflects the time on your wrist. Certainly for the night-club-hopping-teeny-boppers, who love their laser pointers.

While most of us have been talking about the advantages of having a power integrated into the Smartphone event, cool dudes at LAB.C have already gone ahead and made their version. The Cable event for iPhone 5S integrates an 8-pin USB cable into the back of the event, allowing you to ALWAYS have a power on-hand. Clever!

Flower vases are not an uncommon product in interior spaces, but the majority of them are designed for a single style of flower arrangement. This style often involves a handful of flowers surrounded by rich foliage that create an almost bulbous shape, bringing a splash of color to any area. Of course, that isn’t the only way to arrange flowers, but the standard shape and size of vases put a heavier emphasis on the flowers themselves, using leaves as a background and their stems as invisible scaffolding. Sometimes, however, you can have an even more striking presence with just a single flower and a stem with just a few small branches, and this small metal vase provides not only the support but also the flexibility to embrace that minimalist design, using whatever you may have as the base for such an enchanting floral arrangement.

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